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Natural Male Enhancement

Expand natural male enhancement is a completely safe and natural alternative to costly and harmful surgery or prescription medication.

Did you know there is a pretty high failure rate with surgery? It's not only possible to lose length and obtains infections and scarring, surgery can also cause deformities. Some men have even reported impotency and/or erectile dysfunction from undergoing surgery. These are potentially serious problems that occur in about one in fifteen patients. Other risks include bleeding, swelling, depression, and more. Two recent studies (one in 1994, the other in 1996) published in the Journal of Urology reported significant complications of these types resulting from this type of surgery. In fact, the surgery is still so controversial and yields such poor results that it is considered generally unacceptable by both the plastic surgery and urological communities.

Having an inadequate penis can affect your security level and self-image. Get results now with Expand natural male enhancement! Enjoy a thicker, longer, confidence-building penis along with the luxury of increased sexual stamina and deeper penetration. With Expand natural male enhancement, you can add thickness, length, and develop the superior sexual stamina that you and your sexual partner have been wanting...

There are also many other types of programs offered to improve your penis size. Some offer vacuum pumps, others offer 'milking' or 'jelqing' exercises. Some of these programs may possibly work, but usually always offer temporary or no results. In addition, sometimes these techniques may even be harmful or unsafe practices.

Playboy magazine did an article about penis enlargement surgery a few years ago. In the interest of education, here are a few excerpts from that piece:

"A cosmetic surgeon was convicted on man-slaughter charges after a patient bled to death following a penis enlargement operation. Dr. Rosenstein, who claims to be the "World's Leading Authority on Penile Surgery" had his license suspended after a judge ruled he was negligent and incompetent. More than 40 of his former patients claimed that he botched their surgeries so badly that they suffer from symptoms including intense pain, scarring, loss of feeling, and in some cases, a decrease in size."

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